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I build teams of intention.

Designers can solve the biggest problems of our time. Why shouldn't each of us be decisive about improving the world? I challenge my teams to use their idealism and critical-thinking to defeat the human conditions of apathy, ignorance, illness and inequality.

I begin by encouraging them to realize their own greatness. I use the Hero Narrative to help designers explore the questions: "What motivates me? What do I stand for?" Then I ask them to create a symbol that embodies their unique beliefs and their special abilities.

Together, we set a course for developing those abilities. We use the YouX Star to target mastery in specific domains of design. This helps designers evaluate themselves objectively and in relation to their peers. It also allows them to chart a path to success far beyond the confines of a specific role or title.


Hero Emblems representing the values and superpowers of each designer

Hero Emblems representing the values and superpowers of each designer

YouX Star visualizes mastery in skills, helping designers set development goals

YouX Star visualizes mastery in skills, helping designers set development goals

Some kind testimony from LinkedIn...

-Design Manager, AthenaHealth

"I’ve had the opportunity to work on several projects with Eric while at frog and joined athenaHealth to learn from his visionary thinking, engaged mentorship, and creative leadership.

Eric is one of the few designers that I’ve met that truly thinks and designs holistically and strategically understands technology and business factors. Most importantly though, he’s one of the most thoughtful researchers I’ve worked with and is peel off layers of buried meaning to arrive at the true needs and aspirations of users and markets.

My favorite memories of working with him are those moments when many brilliant minds have created a gordian knot of paralyzing complexity. Eric somehow manages to elegantly through these complexities with clear and pointed questions and recommendations.

I highly recommend Eric as a design leader and would love to work with him again in the future."

-Design Manager, AthenaHealth

"I have worked with Eric for the past 7 years. He’s an incredible leader and a talented designer. Through his leadership we have been successful on multiple projects. He is a true professional with ability to draw out the best from his teams. I am constantly inspired working with Eric."


-Director Product Management, AthenaHealth

"Eric is a wonderful UX leader. In addition to his obvious competencies, I'd like to highlight two traits that make Eric unique: 1) Perspective 2) Inspiration.

Perspective: Some of my favorite work moments over the past two years have come when working on a big problem with Eric. Eric is the person able to see the forest for the trees and guide the group to also gaining this perspective. He does this in a highly collaborative by asking the right questions at the right times. Everyone is better off for having Eric in the room when trying to make big product decisions.

Inspiration: I walked with Eric through the streets of San Francisco to our company party last year. During the course of the 10 minute walk, Eric was stopped 3 times by people that he had previously worked with. You could tell with each person how much they respect and are inspired by Eric. You can also tell that each day with his UX team at athena, many of whom followed Eric to the company, who will jump at the challenges that Eric puts forth. His calm, encouraging, thoughtful approach inspires loyalty across not only his team, but across our company. I know many product managers and engineers who would say the same.

I'd be happy to be a reference for Eric and expand on any of the above."


-Senior Designer, Frog Design

"Eric's the man. He was patient enough to deal with me for many years. He pushed me when I needed to be pushed and supported me when I needed support. I learned a great deal from Eric. In fact, I've borrowed many of his management tactics"

-General Manager, Frog Design

"Having the right team is crucial to any business's success -- which is why Eric would be on my shortest list for my dream team. His ability to think systemically, to identify and define the right problem and to literally design creative solutions make him a great designer. The dry sense of humor, natural leadership skills and genuine empathy make him an excellent colleague."

-VP Strategy, Frog Design

"I worked with Eric extensively during my time at frog, and have never worked with a colleague that has so profoundly changed the way I look at the world and think about healthcare. He has a vision and passion around driving meaningful change in healthcare that is matched by a genuine and authentic drive to ensure patients/consumers achieve their fullest potential. To all his programs Eric brings:  

• A unique and profound vision around transforming the healthcare system. Deep expertise in the healthcare domain which is critical to being credible and respected in the space and understanding the natural constraints over the landscape.

• Deep and proven insights around creating meaningful behavior change in health and wellness. Expert on driving long-term engagement for resistant patient populations to overcome barriers and deliver improved health outcomes.

• Integration of strategic thinking with practical execution so is able to establish a vision and then make it happen. A rare combination of talent, skill and commitment valuable in end-to-end solutions and getting products to market.  

• Exceptional mentorship for growing frogs and clients alike. Eric always takes the time to develop teams regardless of his other project commitments. He contributes greatly to the knowledge capital of the pond.

• Mature and evolved perspective around the work and frog culture. Is selfless in his contribution, and operates without ego and hubris so is always open to new ideas. Demonstrates flawless judgment, integrity and personal character around both internal and external personal relationships."